Codes & Policies

Code of Conduct View  /  Download
Familiarisation programme of IDs View  /  Download
Code of Practices &amp Procedures View  /  Download
Insider Trading Code View  /  Download
Statutory Policies
Policy on Preservation of Documents View  /  Download
Fair Practice Code_Hindi View  /  Download
Fair Practice Code_English View  /  Download
Policy on determination of materiality of events View  /  Download
Website Archival policy View  /  Download
Performance Evaluation Policy for BOD View  /  Download
Whistle blower Policy View  /  Download
Nomination and Remuneration &amp Board Diversity policy View  /  Download
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy View  /  Download
Familiarisation programme Module View  /  Download
Policy on determining Material Subsidiaries View  /  Download
Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions and also on dealing with Related Party Transactions View  /  Download
Dividend Distribution Policy View  /  Download
Statutory Audit Policy and Appointment Procedure View  /  Download

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