Customer Login

In an effort to provide better services to our Esteemed Customers we will be shortly making this Customer Portal Section available with following features:


  • Create Inquiry - By using this functionality Prospect Customer can enter their loan requirement.

Customer Account

  • Home: In this functionality Customer will be having overview of his Loan Account. Details like Loan Account No, Loan Amount, Tenure etc. would be available to the Customer.
  • Loan Account Details: By using this feature Customer will be able to view the complete loan account details as mentioned below :-
    • Loan Details: In this Tab Customer can view the Loan related basic details like Loan Type, ROI, Disbursement details.
    • Charge Details: Under this tab Charges/Fee like Application fees, Processing Fee, Upfront Fee etc. can be viewed.
    • Loan Statement: Under this Customer can view the Statement of Account which contains the details about Borrower, Loan Details and Summary of Loan component.
    • Repayment Schedule: This TAB will display the repayment schedule of specific loan and also the Due Date, Open Amount, Principal Amount, Interest Amount and Remaining Planned repayment amount.
    • Interest Certificate: Where Customer can view and download the Interest certificate.
    • Documents Vault: In this section the Customer can upload/download the KYC details.

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