Life @ PFS

PFS offers an employee friendly environment, with its easy to approach executive management style, a professional work culture and a transparent and robust work organization. Work-life balance is also never lost sight of, with regular get-togethers being organized for employees as well as their families.

We are in no way behind when it comes to encouraging our employees' entrepreneurial talents, fulfilling their professional needs and enabling them to unleash their full potential. To ensure this we undertake the following steps:

  • We offer our employees freedom at work
  • Provide them with unmatched leadership
  • Offer them the opportunity to grow at a rapid pace
  • Give them challenging, interesting and motivating assignments which bring a sense of professional fulfillment
  • Employee participation is encouraged by inviting suggestions & opinions
  • Providing with competitive compensation, rewards and training through core development & behavior development programme that enable them to unleash their full potential
  • Our HR systems and policies are thereby designed to unleash the latent capability of our people by fostering a continuous learning and performance based culture

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