• PFS - Uniqueness in Actions

    Uniqueness of PFS lies in developing and delivering structured products linked to equity or debt, tailored to risk profile and needs of specific projects in record timeframe. Thus, PFS not only provides financial assistance but also adds value to the project development process and that too by following a highly systematic and professional approach. All-inclusive, diversified and efficient value chain established by PFS speaks for itself and adds to the exclusivity espoused by the organization. PFS offers a sustained efficient delivery of financial services to power projects of the marketing and selling arrangement of power, fuel intermediation and offering advisory services under the dependable PTC umbrella.

  • Our Customer Speaks

    What is remarkable and distinguishes PFS from others, is an integrated approach adopted in adding value in structuring and developing the project. This has given a new dimension to the concept of development & financing of power projects in India.

  • Knowledge Driven Management Team

    PFS as a team symbolizes unity, delivery and strength. Advantaged by highly felicitated members in their respective fields, PFS's Board, and management team comprises of professionals from both power and financial sector with in-depth understanding of the entire value chain.

  • Deep Understanding of Indian Power Sector

    PFS is exclusively devoted to power sector and has thus acquired over the years domain sector expertise. • In addition, PFS has access to PTC's proficiency in energy value system in carrying out activities like fuel intermediation, power trading and trading with cross border entities.

  • Our Customer Speaks

    We are extremely impressed with PFS's quick response and straightforward solution towardsthe development of power sector in India

  • One Stop Service

    PFS offer wide range of debt and equity linked financing products meeting the financing needs of power projects at various stages of product life cycle from development stage s financial closure to post operationalisation.

    PFS also understands the significance of making available a whole gamut of vital reliable services that include tying up of the marketing and selling arrangement of power, fuel intermediation and offering advisory services under the dependable PTC umbrella.

  • Our Customer Speaks

    PFS has completed approval and process of our loan application in record time

  • Diversified Business Operations

    Spreading its wings over diversified sectors, PFS is gradually extending its hold in the value chain from power generation to transmission and distribution assets, fuel source related infrastructure like, ports, and equipment manufacturers in power sector.

    PFS is also focussing on its role in renewable space – Solar, Biomass, Wind Energy and Small Hydro.

  • Customer Focus Approach

    The rewarding experience held by PFS enables it to structure its products, and service offerings based on the specific requirements of the project and their developers. The services are moulded depending upon the risk and reward profile at competitive transaction costs and with least response time.

  • Our Customer Speaks

    Approach adopted by PFS has been very positive and practical in understanding the dynamics of power sector project and accordingly balancing the imperatives of financing with the needs of power project

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